How it works

24/7 Locker Dropoff and Pickup

Available At: Malvern and Sunbury

Finally a Dry Cleaning service that works around your schedule

At Master Drycleaners we work around your schedule and ensure our high levels of customer service extend long after our store hours are finished.

Are you always running late after a meeting or leaving the house before sun rise to chase a big day?

Then our 24-7 Lockers for after hours drop off and collection are the perfect solution for your busy and professional lifestyle.

How it works

Drop off Procedure

Place your garments in any un-locked locker, take note of the locker number (i.e. M1)

Scan this QR code with your phone and fill in the required fields

Enter a four-digit PIN of your choice and twist the lock to lock it.

You’re done, its that easy! We’ll be in touch to confirm receipt of your order.






Pick up Procedure

  1. All orders will be cleaned and held at our store for collection during business hours
  2. Please contact the store on 9509 2402 during business hours if you prefer to collect your order from a locker
  3. NOTE: Please contact the store during business hours (9509 2402) if you want to collect your order from a locker.Orders will not be put in a locker unless you advise a staff member directly, give us a call and we can help!
  4. Once you have removed your order please leave the locker unlocked ready for the next customer