How it works

Free Pickup And Delivery

Availble At: All Stores

Free your time and commitments with our FREE and EASY home Pick up and Delivery service.

Featuring all the benefits of the Master’s Quality Dry Cleaning services combined with FREE Pick up and Delivery. Our Master 2 Your Door service offers twice weekly pick ups and deliveries to your home for all of your Dry Cleaning and Laundry needs.

See our simple system below, where once registered you can enjoy your own personal Dry Cleaning concierge service when you need it most.

How it works

Areas we Service

Our Pick Up & Delivery Service covers a large portion of the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Inner West
Tuesdays and Fridays from Albert Park store

Inner Bayside
Mondays and Thursdays from Albert Park store

CBD & Inner North
Tuesdays and Fridays from Albert Park store

Inner East
Mondays and Thursdays from Malvern store

East / South East
Tuesdays and Fridays from Malvern store


Simply call our Delivery team and let them know. We may be able to delivery earlier, or we can arrange it to be ready so that you can pick up your order from our store.

Yes, most of our customers have registered a credit card with us, that we keep on file and charge each time we make a delivery. We use a secure payment gateway, via the NAB, and we do not have access to your personal credit card details.

In special circumstance yes, but for the most part we would prefer a credit card payment, or a card kept on file. The main reason we do not charge extra for pick up and delivery is that we can keep it efficient.

Yes we sure do, amongst some other great convenient services. All you need to do is leave a note with your garments with a description of what needs to be done. For fittings, it wold be an idea to bring the garment into the store, and we can always deliver it back on the next delivery day.

Most of our customers lead very busy lives and are not home during the day. Simply leave your order in your personalised blue laundry bag that we have provided on your porch or other designated area. Our driver will come past and collect it, and deliver to the same spot on the next delivery day.

Your driver and delivery manager are your personal customer service rep. They are happy to handle any issues that may arise. If there is however a problem with a garment, for example if it needs a re clean, please call our delivery team, and we will sort something out straight away.

Depending on your area, your scheduled days may either be Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday. You can check your delivery days for your area on our areas we service page

We generally give you a blue laundry bag on return of your first order. This bag is clearly labelled with your details, and we ask that you use this bag for all orders. If you need an extra bag, please let us know and we can provide one for you.

Login to our secure customer portal using your user name and password. Generally your username is your mobile number. Here you can update all of your persoanl details, including credit card information and request bookings.

Or, you can simply call our delivery team and we can update any of your details with ease.