Albert Park Store Update

Published On: 19 March 2020Categories: News

The owners and management of Master Dry Cleaners once again thank you, our wonderful customers for your support over this challenging period with the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We are all currently facing serious challenges to our daily life, with many small businesses being affected. We are no different. In light of this, please see below the following changes that we are making to service times and opening hours at our Albert Park store.


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Changes to Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 6.00pm

(closing at 6pm on Wednesday rather than 8pm)


8.30am – 4.00pm

Sunday: 10am – 4.00pm

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be providing a SAME DAY SERVICE on Sundays until further notice

We also wanted to remind all of our customers that we provide great services that may be helpful to you at this time, including:

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million dollar collar – how it works


request a pick up

As we stated in previous communication there is no definitive research on how long or even whether the virus lives on clothes and textiles, however according to our chemical suppliers, all bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, are destroyed in both of our dry cleaning and wet cleaning processes.

This is due to the disinfectant levels in our washing, the dry cleaning solvents that we use and our drying temperatures that are between 40 – 60 degree Celsius, which will not allow micro-organisms to survive. Please let us know if you are concerned or if there is any way we can help.


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