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Published On: 15 August 2017Categories: Sunbury News

Our Sunbury store had a very interesting experience last Friday. A man came into the store, bright red and sweating like he had just run a marathon – despite being impeccably dressed in a business suit. He quietly spoke to the staff member at the counter saying, “Can you help? I’ve had a blow-out!”, the staff member politely asked, “What do you mean sir?”. He turned around and lifted his suit jacket slightly to reveal a massive tear in his trousers. The man had driven from his Melbourne CBD office for a very important client meeting in Sunbury and this was no way to make a good impression. He thankfully had his gym gear in a backpack and was able to change into some shorts while we fixed the pants fast.

Hopefully this kind of experience hasn’t happened to you before. However, you may have favourite items of clothing in your wardrobe that are staring at you, desperately asking to be worn again. Maybe the waistband is a little too small, or perhaps there is a tear somewhere that you have been meaning to get fixed but just haven’t found the right place to help you out.  Well, whatever your need, Master Dry Cleaners is equipped to help.  We have dedicated staff members across all of our stores who can help you with those adjustments and get those old favourites out and about again.  From letting out the waist or taking down the legs, to shortening those sleeves or relining that old jacket, Master Dry Cleaners specialised staff really can make a difference to your wardrobe and keep you looking good.

We understand the pace of modern life and necessity for a fast, reliable service.  In most cases your repairs and alterations will be turned around in one day, for more significant alterations we will always deliver them back to you inside the timeline required.  With generous opening hours across all of our stores – in some cases 07:00 to 18:00 – you will have no problem finding a window of time to speak with our trained staff to discuss you particular requirements.  Nothing is too difficult for us to fix, and we would relish the opportunity to turn an old favourite into a wardrobe staple again.

In a recent case, one of our Sunbury customers was on the verge of purchasing all new suits in his wardrobe due to some centralised wear in the saddle of all four pairs of his trousers.  Unfortunately due to the way the wool was rubbing on itself when he wore them, abrasions over time led to them totally wearing out and leaving significant holes becoming apparent.  In this case, we were able to patch and darn the affected area on each pair and insert a silk saddle to maintain softness while they were being worn.  The result was a significant increase in the lifespan of the trousers and along with a quality dry cleaning service the suits were restored and remained in circulation, saving the gentleman from the significant cost of four whole new suits!

Our skills and expertise are not limited to old garments either.  How many times have you bought an item online and it doesn’t fit quite right?  Too boxy….too long?  You know what you need to do but it’s a matter of finding someone reliable – Master Dry Cleaners can help!

Come in and see one of our helpful staff today and let us get your wardrobe back on track.  Find your nearest store today at

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