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Curtain and Drape Cleaning FAQs

Why choose us

Most dry cleaners have a sign out the front of their store, saying that they clean curtains and drapes. But do they specialise in this service? Will they come to your house, take down, clean and re hang for you?

Master Dry Cleaners has over 70 years of experience in Dry Cleaning, and provide a specialist cleaning services for you Curtains and Drapes, and other Window Furnishings. Don’t trust your curtains and drapes to any other dry cleaner in Melbourne. Trust the experts.

What areas do you provide pick up and delivery

Unlike our regular pick up and delivery services, we provide collections of curtains and drapes all across Melbourne.

From Melton to Mornington, call us on 1300 885 245

What does PICK UP – DRY CLEAN – RE HANG mean?

As part of our services, we will come to your home or business, professionally take down your curtains, drapes and blinds, whilst measuring, photographing and documenting all the details.

We will then take them to our specialist dry cleaning plant where we will follow our 6 step cleaning process:

  1. Identify fabric and cleaning method required
  2. Check for major stains and spot clean where necessary
  3. Clean using the cleaning method required, including dry cleaning, wet cleaning, steam cleaning or a combination of cleaning techniques
  4. Re Hang in our purpose built factory to check for stains
  5. Steam / Iron to bring the remove any creases
  6. Package ready for delivery and re hanging

When they are ready, we will come back to your property, and re hang your curtains, drapes or blinds, bringing them back to life, free of stains and dust.

What is the best way to clean my curtains?

There are 2 main ways to clean curtains. The first way is to clean them while they and hanging. This method is routinely offered by carpet and upholstery cleaners, and uses steam cleaning methods. This will freshen up your curtains, but won’t lift ingrained stains and dirt from fabric, and generally only the front of the curtain is cleaned.

The second option is full immersion cleaning, using a dry cleaning or wet cleaning method. The full immersion dry cleaning process, allows for total cleaning of the curtain or blinds, either in a dry cleaning solvent, or in some cases water. This option is well recognised as the best practice for removing strains, dirt and dust from curtains and blinds.

We provide full immersion dry cleaning or wet cleaning for curtains and blinds in Melbourne

Will my curtains or blinds shrink?

If you read the care label on your curtains, you will notice that manufacturers can allow up to 3% shrinkage when dry cleaned.

Shrinkage can occur in some situations, but not in al. Our cleaning methods, procedures and equipment are all designed to limit the occurrence of shrinkage and fix the problem if it does occur.

We will always measure, photograph and assess curtains prior to cleaning

Can you clean my curtains while they are hanging

Short answer in no. We are professional dry cleaners and clean both garments and window furnishings according to the manufacturers instructions. Our plants are designed to clean curtain, drapes an blinds, and unfortunately, our equipment can not be taken to your house

How Often Should I clean my curtains?

We would recommend that curtains, drapes and blinds be cleaned every 5 years as a minimum, to maintain a healthy, clean home.

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How much will my curtain cleaning cost

Our pricing is based on the size of your curtains, drapes or blinds, and their fabric.

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Should I take down my curtains?

Our service involves us taking down, cleaning and re hanging your curtains and drapes. It is best that we can properly assess the condition of your curtains before cleaning, as well as take measurements to check for any occurrence of shrinkage in the cleaning process