Dry Cleaning Saved My Marriage!

Published On: 20 August 2018Categories: News

Despite what it sounds like, this is not an old episode of Jerry Springer. This is, in fact, the real-life experience of one of our satisfied customers who has benefited from our Free Pick-up and Delivery service.

Helen lives in South Melbourne, and she recently contacted us in desperate need of some help with her ironing. Helen’s husband travels extensively for work, and so he relies on Helen to iron his business shirts; this task can be extremely difficult given the fact that she also works full time and looks after their 3 school-aged children.

On the day that we received her frantic phone call, Helen had 19 business shirts that she had washed, but just hadn’t got around to ironing (fair enough we say!). That’s when she found out that her husband had a business trip scheduled for the end of the week. Knowing that she just wouldn’t have time in her busy schedule to iron 19 shirts, she decided that enough was enough. Helen called us on a Tuesday and explained her desperate situation, including the fact that she would need the shirts ironed and returned by Thursday afternoon. Now, under normal circumstances, her South Melbourne address would be part of a scheduled pick up route every Monday and Thursday. Since it was already Tuesday, a scheduled pick up would ordinarily take place on Thursday, with the ironed shirts returned to her the following Monday. But, obviously, this schedule just wasn’t going to work out for Helen.

On hearing about Helen’s emergency situation, we were able to arrange an unscheduled collection for that very same day. After collecting 19 wrinkled shirts from Helen’s front door on Tuesday afternoon, we had them re-washed (to remove the creases caused by line drying) and then expertly pressed. The end result was 19 business shirts in pristine condition, delivered back to Helen’s house on Thursday, exactly as she required. Crisis averted.

To say that Helen was rapt with the service she received would be an understatement. Since Helen had said she would be working on the Thursday of the delivery (and thereby couldn’t be home to receive the shirts), we had pre-arranged to leave them in a designated area at her house. When she got home that night and saw the 19 pressed shirts had been safely delivered as promised, she was so excited that she immediately rang our after-hours Customer Service Rep, Cisco. “You have literally saved my marriage,” she told him. Her husband now had shirts to wear to work and to take on his business trip.

Although Helen was clearly over-exaggerating (we hope), and we obviously don’t advertise “marriage saving” as our profession, we were delighted to hear how happy Helen was with the services that we offer. Helen now uses our Free Pick-up and Delivery service weekly. In addition to getting her ironing and dry-cleaning done, Helen has also saved time and energy by having us take over the arduous task of routinely washing her family’s doonas and blankets. With the Free Pick-up and Delivery service, Helen no longer has to waste time running to the dry cleaners after work or on weekends to drop off and collect her dry cleaning. She has seen the value in what we offer to all our customers: more free time during the week to spend with the people you love.

Located in the South Melbourne area, we offer a free dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service twice weekly (every Monday and Thursday). So, call us today on 1300 885 245, and let us help you save your marriage (just kidding)!

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