Dry Cleaning Winter Coats And Jackets

Published On: 3 August 2021Categories: News

It’s winter in Melbourne and that means two types of weather are guaranteed that will require your winter coats and outerwear being put to the test. 

1 – Extremely cold wind and air temperatures

2 – Dull wet days with mist and rainfall setting in

You know the routine all too well because hey, it’s Melbourne. You leave the house on a crisp winter morning and the sun is shining. After getting half way to work with your commute on the tram or train, the black clouds roll in fast and the remaining walk to the office leaves you soaking wet, a less than ideal start to the day.

Sound familiar? As you dry off and throw your winter coat behind your desk, it is another day of that garment maintaining moisture, odours and stains that come from the harsh Melbourne winter.

You wash your clothes daily, but your winter coats and jackets are on a list that sits between “I don’t have time” and “I don’t know how” to safely wash your favourite winter coats.

So, in this blog we are going to break down two of the most popular types of fabrics and garments that make up winter coats and why Dry Cleaning is the best option for cleaning them as we enter the twilight days of winter here in Melbourne.

Suede and Leather 

Leather and suede have been a generational go between smart and casual, bridging the gap between something you can wear to the office and continue to wear on your Friday night happy hour with your colleagues. The oil that gives these garments their “glossy” appearance can also be the downfall to their lifespan. Washing these at home with traditional detergents can remove the oils, weaken the fabrics and leave them vulnerable to tearing and being deeply spoiled by stains. We recommend a regular Dry Cleaning schedule from our suede and leather services to help prolong your investment with these types of winter attire. 

Puffer And Down Filled Jackets

Enjoying a recent resurgence in fashion and trends are down filled “puffer” style jackets. In regards to function over fashion, these jackets are filled with down insulation that is thrown into your washer and dryer can end up lodged, displaced and stuck into pockets of the jackets down compartments. This means the “puffy” look will begin to fade and the jacket’s ability to keep you warm will also be less effective. On the other hand, Dry Cleaning Puffer down filled jackets will help keep your jacket on trend and prolong the lifespan of your warm winter companion each year.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can safely prolong the lifespan and maintain the fantastic look of your favourite winter garments, then click HERE to contact us today across our 7 Greater Melbourne Dry Cleaning locations.  


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