Helping the Environment – One bag at a time

Published On: 8 September 2020Categories: News


For the last 50 years, global plastic consumption has continued to increase as this versatile and low cost material continues to excel at countless applications, ranging from improving food safety and distribution efficiency, to helping create lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles. Unfortunately our collective ability to effectively recycle this material has lagged.


Our challenge to effectively recycle this material and keep it out of landfills has magnified. Worldwide, a range between 22%-43% of plastic is disposed of in landfills, according to the United Nations Environmental Program.


According to the National Packaging Industry Covenant Association, some 944,000 tonne of plastic packaging was consumed in Australia in the 2014-2015 financial year, with around 268,000 tonnes of this material diverted from landfill and returned to life as a new product.


At Master Dry Cleaners, we are extremely aware of our footprint on the environment. Particularly with the use of plastic poly garment covers. Plastic pallet wrap and LDPE packaging films are a revolutionary packaging material, however they’re also a blight on the environment when not disposed of correctly after use.




All of our stores are now equipped with plastic recycle bins at our counters and we encourage all of our customers to return your plastic garment covers to our stores, and through our pick up and delivery routes. They can simply be brought back in to the stores on your next visit, or placed into your Blue Bag for your next route pick up. Each week we then collect these and deliver to our partners – GT Recycling. Find out more at


GT Recycling then wash, and recycle this plastic, helping to turn our waste products into useful products such as bin liners .


We are also working on a opt out option for plastic coverings, Watch this space for more


Hangers and pins can also be dropped back into our stores for re use.

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