How To Successfully Dry Clean Fire Damaged Clothes

Published On: 12 August 2021Categories: News

A house fire is one of the most frightening prospects for any family and home owner. Luckily with the advances in technology around fire alarms, electronic appliances and overall building safety, they are far less of a frequent occurrence in the modern day era.

However, they can still happen on occasion and this means that we, as respected Dry Cleaning specialists, offer a service that can cater to people who need help in their most desperate of times.

The good news is that the majority of comprehensive home ownership insurance policies will include a restoration service for fire damage dry cleaning with your clothes that have not been destroyed but only smoke damaged, should the unthinkable happen with a fire in your home.

The same can be said for flood and fire damage dry cleaning in many home insurance policies, so at least if the worst happens, you and your family are protected to recover your favourite garments and outfits to take with you to your new home.

So with that being said, let’s take a look at how we successfully Dry Clean fire damaged clothes. 

*There are some industry secrets that we can’t give away here, however the successful formula and steps to salvage fire damaged clothes are listed below*

Step 1 – Inspect garments that are salvageable from scorched items. Any garments not directly burnt can typically be saved. 

Step 2 – Use a combination of fans, air and dehumidifiers to immediately dry clothes that have been water damaged from the fire being extinguished.

Step 3 –  Lightly vacuum and shake soot from all garments 

Step 4 – Smoke molecules within the fabrics are eliminated via a deodorising process to remove the smoke smell. 

Step 5 – Garments are then washed and dried by our professional Dry Cleaners (repeatedly if needed) using state of the art detergents and environmentally friendly chemicals to aid in restoring your garments colours, vibrant appearance and smell.

Step 6 – Garments are neatly folded, packaged and returned to you ready to wear.

This is our simplified model of how to successfully Dry Clean fire damaged clothes. These methods are carried out by our highly trained and professional Dry Cleaners and we always recommend engaging a reputable Dry Cleaning company that specialises in flood and fire damage dry cleaning to ensure the best results.

If you are in need of learning more about how our professional Dry Cleaners can help with your flood and fire damage, then click HERE to contact us today across our 7 Greater Melbourne Dry Cleaning locations.  


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