Magic Pixies Spotted Picking Up & Delivering Laundry in Melbourne

Published On: 20 January 2017Categories: News

Breaking News! Magic pixies have been travelling throughout the suburbs of Melbourne, picking up garments for cleaning on a weekly schedule and returning them – even repairing or altering the garments when required.

A major investigation has confirmed Master Dry Cleaners is behind this weekly occurrence and they have now broken their silence. The weekly collection service has become very popular with many time-poor people throughout the suburbs of Melbourne. The pixies have called it: MASTER 2 YOUR DOOR.

It’s the time saved and convenience that the people of Melbourne appreciate the most. Simply register on the website or call the hotline and you can schedule the pixies to pass by your house twice a week to pick up any clothing that requires cleaning.

All you do is place your clothing in a bag at your door, with a simple form filled in. The items are then taken away for professional cleaning and returned to your door in pristine condition – pressed, and even altered and repaired if you wish. The magic pixies fly through, clean your clothing and return it to your door, each and every week without fail.

There is no need to book them each week when you have more cleaning requirements. They pass by twice a week according to the schedule and pick up your garments from your door if there are any – hassle free!

You may need the pickup and delivery service on a weekly basis (or even twice a week) or it may be on an ad-hoc basis and that’s fine too. They will collect, launder and deliver your items to your door whenever you need them. You can find out more about the schedule here.

It doesn’t matter if you have just one item or many, the pick up and delivery service is free of charge. The pixies pride themselves on the quality of the cleaning service: your items are checked and pre-treated for stains, cleaned with the utmost care and pressed using our high-end, professional press. The result is high-quality dry cleaning delivered to your door.

The service is tailored to make sure that it is as convenient as possible for you. Request your Pick Up today and let the pixies know how we can help you.

If you have any questions or special requests, you can call us on 1300 885 245.

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