Melbourne Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery

Published On: 21 June 2017Categories: Useful Tips

Our team at Master Dry Cleaners have been working extremely hard to make it even easier to register and place a booking for the pickup and delivery of your dry cleaning in Melbourne. It is now so simple and straightforward to get your shirts ironed, or your suit or dress dry cleaned – It’s as easy as the click of a button! Keep reading for simple instructions on how to register and place a booking.


If this is your first time using our service, you will need to register an account. This will only take a couple of minutes.

From the login screen select ‘Register Now’ below the login fields which will take you to the account setup page.

(Note: if you are an existing store customer, but new to pick-up and delivery you will already have an account. See ‘Existing customers’ for log in requirements.)

register dry cleaning

After completing the required fields, login with your new username and password to take you to your customer profile. From there you will need to supply your pickup address under the ‘My Details’ section, followed by your billing information in the ‘Payment’ section.

details payments

One you have completed all of these steps you will be ready to request your first pickup with the ‘Place Order Now’ option at the top of your customer options here:

welcome screen

Selecting New Pickup order will take you to the address page. If you have already input your address it will appear in the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Select this address, add any notes you need us to be aware of (stains, repairs, previous damage etc.) and place your order. This will alert our staff to your request and we will be in touch with you to confirm our next available time.


 Thank you for sending through your pickup request. We have recently implemented a new online customer portal that allows you to book a pickup, check your order history, change any personal/billing details, reprint any previous invoices and create a yearly/monthly invoice history report for your tax return. To access these services, you will need to login in through this link:

Your username will be your contact number that appears on your invoices and your password will be your surname e.g:

Username: 0430968893

Password: Jenkins (not case sensitive)

Once logged in you can request a pickup with the Place Order Now function at the top of the sidebar:

Select New Pickup Order which will take you to the pickup address selection. If you have already been taking advantage of our free delivery service you will see your address in the drop down menu above the address field. If this is your first time using our delivery service or you have recently moved address you will need to fill in your address details.

If you would like to leave any comments for our staff (information on stained garments, gate code for home delivery etc.) you can do so in the comments section before submitting your request.

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