Mum from Ashburton Saves Hours Using Dry Cleaning Pick up & Delivery Service

Published On: 13 March 2018Categories: News

Have you ever been in the position where you feel like there’s just not enough hours in the week to take care of all of your household chores and other responsibilities? A mum’s to-do list can be never-ending. Well, we have good news. There’s a way to drastically cut down your chores and save yourself a few vital hours. Here’s how Melissa stumbled upon the answer.

Melissa lives in Ashburton and every week – sometimes twice a week – she has to trek to her local dry cleaners with all three of her children in tow. She had always used the same store and was reasonably happy with the service but she sometimes wished there was an easier way.

One day, on her travels she saw an eye-catching van at her neighbour’s house that grabbed her interest. She didn’t recognise the logo or the bright blue shirt the driver wore so she went over for a closer look. On closer inspection, she realised it was a Master Dry Cleaners delivery vehicle that was collecting her neighbour’s dry cleaning and returning an order which had obviously been collected previously. She wondered how her neighbour had managed to wrangle such preferential treatment!

The driver must have seen the disbelief on Melissa’s face coupled with the heavy laundry bags and 3 children Melissa was struggling to carry, because he greeted her with a warm smile and he explained that Master Dry Cleaners offers free pick up and delivery services for all dry cleaning to your home or office. No minimum orders, no hidden charges. Simply leave your order out for collection on your scheduled day and it will be returned on the corresponding delivery day at the other end of the week. “Do I have to book this in every time I have an order? What if I don’t have anything that day?” asked Melissa, “Not a problem,” replied the driver “we service your area twice a week, every week, so if you have something which you required to be cleaned then leave it out and we will collect it. If not, we will continue past on our way. Simple.”

The driver went on to explain the broad range of services Master Dry Cleaners offers as part of their free pick up and delivery service; quality dry cleaning, household furnishings, wash and fold, delicate garments and evening wear, repairs and alterations. They will even pick up and deliver your most precious items of all – your wedding gown!

Melissa was impressed and keen to try this out – it was the answer to all of her problems! Fortunately for her, the driver had a registration pamphlet on him and a drop bag which she could use immediately for the garments she was traipsing up the street with. He was able to take Melissa’s order there and then and return them clean and pressed later in the week. Melissa couldn’t believe that she’d suddenly freed up an hour of her day and wouldn’t have to hike to the dry cleaners anymore! “I could get used to this,” she thought, “now, this is convenient!”

Melissa headed home thinking about the possibilities ahead of her now she no longer had to go to the dry cleaners. She could sit down with a cup of tea, enjoy more quality time with her children, or she could even make plans to meet that old friend who always seemed to get bumped when the chores – like dropping off the dry cleaning – got in the way. Even better, there was no need to go back to the dry cleaners later in the week as the garments were going to be delivered.

To top it all off, Master Dry Cleaners gave Melissa $10 off her first order.

Master Dry Cleaners. Ready when you are.

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