Pickup and Delivery – It Will Save Your Life

Published On: 17 May 2017Categories: News

I recently delivered a dry cleaning order to one of our loyal customers in Williamstown outside of our regular pickup and delivery schedule. The customer had made a last minute decision to take the family away for a long weekend and needed a few of the items she had dropped off to us for dry cleaning returned to her clean and ahead of schedule. Our scheduled pickup and delivery for Williamstown is Tuesday and Fridays, and while we prefer to keep to our schedule, we always try and help out with an out-of-hours delivery service, when we can.

As I approached her front door, dry cleaning order in hand, she opened the door and with a big smile, told me that I saved her life! Now, I was happy to help but dry cleaning, in my opinion, is not a life and death situation. However, it got me thinking, maybe having the right outfit to wear is a matter of life or death in the right situation!

Our pickup and delivery dry cleaning and laundry service is aimed to save you time, freeing up your schedule to allow you to do the things you want to do. This means that instead of your valuable free time being eaten up by basic chores, you can spend more time with your friends and family, finally read that book you’ve been intending to, or take part in that new exercise class your friends are raving about. You can use your extra hours to unwind, socialise, or even put in extra hours on a big project. And best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice getting your laundry taken care of in order to free up some time! With our service, after spending hours – even days – working on your presentation, you don’t then have to stress about putting together an outfit. We’ll deliver your lucky suit or dress to you in pristine condition. This means that, come Monday morning, you can present the project you worked so hard on in your best, most professional outfit.

With our out-of-hours service, we understand that your clothes are an extension of you, and therefore are important! Our service means that you will be able to wear your favourite outfit when you need that extra bit of confidence, or most comfy pants sooner than you would have expected. Basically, our out-of-hours service means that you can be whichever version of ‘you’ that you need to be, rather than being the version of ‘you’ that you just happen to have at hand.

There is no doubt about it, our free pickup and delivery service saves you times. And, who knows, that little bit of extra time might just save your life!

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