Quality Dry Cleaning in Melbourne

Published On: 27 January 2017Categories: News

I have lost count of the times that customers arriving at our dry cleaning counter say that they are looking for a quality drycleaner in Melbourne. Every time I hear this statement my response is “You have come to the right place, you are looking at one!” As third generation drycleaners with almost 70 years of experience in the industry, we feel well qualified to put our hands up and claim that we are quality drycleaners.

However, looking at this from a customer’s perspective, on what basis do we make this claim? What defines us as a quality drycleaner in Melbourne? Specifically, what should a customer be looking for when selecting a quality drycleaner?

As a rule, the three most important things a drycleaner can have are experience, experience and experience. However, experience is impossible to measure at a glance so the best way to judge a drycleaner would be to look at it from two perspectives, service and product quality.


When judging the quality of a dry cleaning service, I would ask myself these questions:

  • Is the shop front and plant clean and free of clutter?
  • Do they have the experience required to produce quality work?
  • Are the staff friendly, helpful and knowledgeable?
  • Are they able to clean garments in the required/reasonable time?
  • Do they contact me about any discrepancies with my order?
  • Do I receive an email/sms alert when my order is ready?
  • Do they place notes on garments to alert me to stains that cannot be removed?
  • Do they have convenient opening hours?
  • Do they offer a pick-up and delivery service?

Quality Product

This is obviously the number one thing you would judge a drycleaner on; the things you should be looking for are:

  • Have garment stains been removed?
  • Does the garment smell clean?
  • Has the garment been pressed correctly and is it ready to wear?
  • Does the fabric feel the same as when you dropped it in?
  • Have any minor repairs been done, and have any broken buttons been replaced?
  • Have they used bio-degradable plastic to bag the garments?

If you ask yourself these questions and find the answer is ‘yes’ to all or most of them, then you have just found yourself a quality drycleaner.

Master Dry Cleaners is a third generation family business with five convenient locations, and also provides a pick-up and delivery service covering most of inner Melbourne.

We offer a full range of services in all our stores, including garment preservation, free pick-up and delivery service, carpet and rug cleaning, as well as our quality business shirt service. See our services section for more detailed information about the services we provide or give us a call on 1300 885 245.

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