Master Dry Cleaners; So Good It Makes You Dance!

Published On: 29 January 2018Categories: News, Useful Tips

This is Sophie. Why is Sophie dancing? Because Sophie doesn’t have to do the family laundry – for once!

Sophie has just arrived back from a wonderful 4-week family vacation. She’s loved relaxing on a hot sunny beach, playing in the ocean with her 2 children and sipping cocktails with her husband. But with a 4-week holiday comes 4 weeks of piled up laundry.

Worse still, Sophie’s holiday came at a bit of an unpractical time – School starts next week! Sophie’s daughter, Bella is about to join big brother Thomas at school. Which means that Sophie needs to do back-to-school shopping for both of them. Uniforms, pens, pencils, backpacks, P.E Kits, shoes – the list is endless!

As an added stress, Sophie is a primary school teacher. Which means that next week she too returns back to work, and there’s so much to do before then! She needs to stock up on her own supplies and start preparing her classroom.

On top of all this, Thomas is dying to go and see his school friends before school starts again! How is Sophie supposed to arrange playdates for Thomas, prepare her classroom, get the kids’ school uniforms AND take care of all of this washing?! There’s not enough time and Sophie is really feeling the pressure.

Luckily, her husband has heard of a new service that might just be the answer that Sophie needs. Master Dry Cleaners’ wash and fold service takes all of the stress away from a mountain of dirty laundry.

It couldn’t have been easier. Sophie didn’t even have to find the time to take her laundry into a store, Master Dry Cleaners picked up her laundry from her home free of charge at a time that suited her and took care of everything. Sophie found that without the task of tackling the laundry hanging over her, she had plenty of time to take the children to pick out their uniforms and supplies and decorate her classroom. She even managed to arrange 3 playdates for Thomas to keep him from bouncing off the walls!

A few days later, Master Dry Cleaners returned her washing clean, folded and ready to go straight into the wardrobe. She was able to choose a drop off time that suited her, and as you can see, she’s over the moon with the results!

Not only did Sophie get her family organised for the return to school, with Master Dry Cleaners’ help, she even found time for one last margarita. Who says the holiday has to end just because you’re back home?

Be like Sophie; let Master Dry Cleaners take care of your family laundry so you can get on with your life.

The Master Dry Cleaners ethos

At Master Dry Cleaners we believe that dry cleaning should be simple. When life gets busy, laundry doesn’t have to be a stress or a burden – we can take it off your hands and save you the hassle. Our ethos is a quick, efficient and streamlined service. We’ll do our best to fit your laundry around your life, not the other way around! With our free pickup and delivery service or 24-hour drop off hours, we’re always looking to be as flexible as possible to accommodate you. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.

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