The Benefits Of A Million Dollar Collar

Published On: 14 March 2022Categories: News

In this modern era, more and more men are choosing to wear button down shirts for business or leisure, but with a difference. As society’s expectations around fashion and “formal wear” for work have relaxed, as have our working arrangements with working from home post pandemic. This has led to the tie being a thing of the past for the majority of men in 2022.

There is one catch to this.. Mens collars can have a mind of their own without the structure of the tie. This means that one collar side can be in alignment whilst the other is waving in the breeze, giving your colleagues and audience a distraction from your presentation, pitch or conversation. 

There is a solution that we provide at our 7 greater Melbourne Master Dry Cleaners shops.. THE MILLION DOLLAR COLLAR.

With the Million Dollar Collar, a simple one time installation by our Melbourne exclusive certified Million Dollar Collar team gives you a permanent solution to the dreaded sloppy collar for the lifetime of your shirt.

The Million Dollar collar placket insert has been rigorously tested and is safe to wash, iron, tumble dry and dry clean. Better still, it lasts the entire life of your shirt.

Better still.. Your first shirt is FREE!

If you are interested in learning more about our Professional Dry Cleaning services, click HERE and contact us today for more information on our 7 Greater Melbourne Dry Cleaning locations. 

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