The Benefits Of Cleaning New Clothes Before You Wear Them

Published On: 13 December 2021Categories: News

We all know the routine well.. Retail therapy is followed by the excitement of rushing home, unpacking your newest outfits and placing them lovingly on display in your closet. Then the big dinner or party is tomorrow and of course, you want to wear your latest fashion additions to your wardrobe. 

But before you think about wearing new clothes straight from the shop floor to your social event, should you be washing them?

In this blog, we outline the benefits of washing new clothes before you wear them.

1 – “Try on” sharing in stores

Now this may not always be the case, but think about how many times you have tried on clothes at the shopping centre only to place them back on the rack as you were not feeling the fit or style as much as you had hoped. It’s possible to magnify that by 100 as an average amount of times your new garments could have been tried on and re-racked before you made the commitment to buying that particular garment. It seems hygienic at the least to clean new clothes to ensure you are wearing a fresh product that is free from others trying it on from the very beginning.

2 – Fabric Chemicals and Dyes

After production, many garments will have specific chemicals, dyes and showroom additions that keep the garment looking bright, vibrant and alluring to the customer whilst on display. Ensuring you wash your garments before wearing them means that you eliminate the risk of any such chemicals, dyes and more getting onto your skin and even other clothes in your closet. 

This is especially important with Dry Clean only labelling garments, where an initial investment in a professional wash prior to wearing them can be the difference between a vibrant long lasting garment or a rapidly fading outfit that leads to disappointment after a large investment.

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