The Benefits Of Commercial Dry Cleaning For Hospitality Businesses

Published On: 22 October 2021Categories: News

Many businesses across hospitality, restaurants, entertainment and more sectors are required to meet strict health and safety laws when it comes to employee uniforms and the scheduled cleaning of these garments.

This can place quite a legal and logistical burden on the business owner and the business daily operations, as quite simply, they are not in the professional cleaning industry. The need to meet strict health and safety laws places a constant responsibility on the businesses to be able to remain open and additionally, an ethical responsibility to keep their patrons safe on a daily basis.

In this blog we are going to outline the benefits that partnering with a Commercial Dry Cleaning company can bring to your hospitality business’ uniform cleaning needs. 

1 – It Solves A Big Logistical Problem

Any busy restaurant, hospitality or entertainment venue can often have hundreds of staff staggered across weekly shifts, full time and casual rosters, in the kitchen, on the serving floor.. The list goes on and on. This means a revolving door of uniforms coming on and off that need to be managed accordingly for cleaning and sanitation purposes. To save time and money, outsourcing this cleaning to a professional Dry Cleaning company means you have one less headache to worry about as a business owner. At only a fraction of the expense that would be required for a business to invest in machinery and equipment to facilitate the cleaning in house on a weekly basis, exploring partnerships like this is a valuable asset.

2 – Pick Up And Delivery

The next step of fixing the logistical issues around a busy restaurant or hospitality venue’s uniform cleaning solutions is transport. Luckily, any reputable Dry Cleaning partner for these services will also facilitate the transport to and from your venue of the soiled and cleaned uniforms, meaning your staff can focus on their job and the business owner can focus on the important aspects of the daily operations. 

3 – Systems And Procedures

The right commercial Dry Cleaning partner will provide systems and procedures to ensure that your staff always have clean uniforms when they need them most. This includes careful rotations of weekly or even daily cleaning runs, depending on the number of staff and uniforms required for the business to operate. This takes the stress and responsibility away from the business, who can simply provide the staff with information around what to do with their uniforms at the end of each shift. 

4 – Protect Your Investment

Commercial uniforms for hospitality, entertainment and restaurant serving staff are an extremely important and an expensive investment for any business. It is therefore important to ensure that professional cleaning techniques are used at all times when cleaning the uniforms so that they can last as long as possible, whilst maintaining a professional and clean appearance. Professional Dry Cleaning partners ensure that only the correct techniques and chemicals are used on your business’ uniforms at all times, so that your investment is protected long into the future. 

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