The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Bedroom Linen

Published On: 23 August 2021Categories: News

Should you Dry Clean bedroom linen?

You may often visit your local Dry Cleaner to ensure your laundry is professionally cleaned and sanitised, or maybe to guarantee your most prized garments are cleaned to the highest standards and maintain their appearance. 

However, when you break down the material that you spend the most time in on a weekly basis, it may shock you to find that it is not any clothing that takes the #1 spot, but it is in fact your bedroom linen. 

Bedroom linen consists of bed sheets, doonas, comforters and pillow cases. On average, we sleep 8 hours per night, 7 days per week and likely only change our bed linen once to twice per fortnight. You don’t have to be a math expert here to see that the usage vs. washing ratio far exceeds any of your favourite clothing garments. In addition to this, your bed doubles up as your winter safe haven, your summer cooling space and occasionally an office, dinner table and everything in between.

Sure you can throw your bedroom linen in with your regular laundry, home washer and dryers, but are you really giving your bed sets the best chance of being sanitised, cleaned and enhancing their lifespan by doing so?

So with that being said, let’s outline the benefits of Dry Cleaning your bedroom linen. 

1 – Protect Your Home Laundry Investment

Home laundries in this modern age are a substantial investment between a washer and dryer. The vast majority of home washers and dryers are not weight certified or simply big enough to handle safely washing a doona, comforter or bedroom linen set. Away from the lack of quality of the clean itself due to the restrictions in space, you run the risk of damaging your washing machines drum and internal mechanisms by having a load that is too heavy. In comparison Dry Cleaners have commercial grade washers and dryers than can safely and efficiently clean, sanitise and preserve your bedroom linens life span, which is a far safer investment than potentially breaking your home washer and dryer for a clean that is less hygienic and quality. 

2 – Ensures A Professional And Hygienic Clean Every Time

Your bedroom linen is a haven for dust mites, dead skin cells, oils from the human body and much more. If you are also one of the majority of the population who allows their fur babies to sleep with them, then you can add fur, fleas and other lovely additions to your bedroom linen as well. Make no mistake, your bedroom linen can carry more allergens and unhygienic material than the majority of your household combined. Professional Dry Cleaning solvents and environmentally friendly chemicals can penetrate your bedroom linen for a deep clean without damaging the fabrics or life span, to ensure your families sleep routine is regularly sanitised and safe for all members to get a good night’s sleep. 

3 – Protect Colours and Avoid Shrinkage

Did you know that the majority of blankets, sheets and comforters are extremely temperature sensitive? The higher up the budget you go, the more this becomes the case. For every home wash you put your bedroom linen through at the wrong temperature, colours will fade and the material itself will shrink. At first slowly and then rapidly after numerous washes. This is another example as to why professional Dry Cleaning can ensure safe and professional care for even the most temperature sensitive high end bedroom linen, prolonging the life span and your investment long into the future. 

4 – Remove Stubborn Soils And Stains

We have all been there.. That late night glass of red wine that accidentally spilt on your bed, the family dog that had an “accident” while you were sleeping or your baby that decided your white bed linen was a far better canvas than anything else in the house. Regardless of the reason, your bedroom linen often becomes stained and soiled and due to it’s soft, puffy and absorbent nature, these stains can be incredibly hard to remove without damaging the integrity of the linen. Professional Dry Cleaning ensures that not only will these stains be removed, but in the process of restoring your bedroom linen to its former glory, that the ability to keep you warm and comfortable is not damaged long into the future.

5 – Convenience

Bedroom line is by nature, big and bulky. Save the time, effort and physical struggle of frequently cleaning your bedroom linen at home by using a Dry Cleaner with a Free Pick up and Delivery Service and take the hassle out of your weekly cleaning routine. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Bedroom Linen cleaning services, click  HERE and contact us today across our 7 Greater Melbourne Dry Cleaning locations.

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