The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Curtains And Drapes

Published On: 24 September 2021Categories: News

Let’s take a closer look at the average house cleaning routine. You vacuum and mop across the carpets, tiles and furniture along with the household furnishings. However, how often can you really say that the window dressings such as your curtains and drapes receive any attention? If you are like the vast majority of the population, the answer is simply almost never. 

But why is this?

Several factors come to mind but the main ones are as follows. Firstly, by nature, window furnishings are difficult to clean because they are often big and bulky (or) slim and delicate. Secondly, combine this with the fact that there are numerous ranges of materials, fabrics and limitations on cleaning techniques that leads the average person throwing the weekly household cleaning of the window dressings in the “too hard basket”.

So let’s take a look at some of the limitations on cleaning your curtains and drapes and why you should look towards Dry Cleaning as a simple and convenient solution several times per year. 

1 – Taking Down And Hanging Up… Again And Again

Let’s be honest here, our days are already busy enough as it is without having to take down and rehang curtains and blinds before and after cleaning them. This is one of the major contributing factors that lead to these furnishings being neglected for weeks, months and even years. Master Dry Cleaners offer a Complimentary Inspection, Take Down and Rehang service to ensure that not only are your curtains and drapes professionally cleaned, but the stress and physical struggle of taking down and rehanging is never an issue for you again.

2 – Leave It To The Professionals 

As we stated above, the majority of fabrics and materials used on drapes and curtains are extremely sensitive and labelled “Dry Clean only”. This is for good reason, as they are often highly sensitive due to their high end materials that absorb UV light and hang in a certain style or suit window frames. Despite numerous Youtube videos that show you how to “Dry Clean At Home”, this really is something that should be undertaken by professionals only. Professional Dry Cleaner’s know the correct chemicals, techniques and specialist equipment needed to safely clean and most importantly prolong the life of your curtains and drapes long into the future. 

3 – Breathe Easy

Allergens, mould, pollens and more are frequently absorbed by any soft fabrics that they can land on. As your window dressings are located by, you guessed it, your windows, they are the first point of contact for any of the above allergens that blow in through the window. Over time these accumulate and begin to spread around the house as you open your windows for fresh air. The breeze will in turn push these allergens around the house in what becomes a vicious circle. When it comes to health and wellbeing, the air we breathe is paramount to how we feel on a daily basis. Therefore is it a wise investment to ensure that several times a year these potential allergens are safely and professionally cleaned to free your curtains and drapes from potential allergens and health hazards for your family. 

4 – Keep Your Investment Safe

Curtains and Drapes are some of the more substantial investments you will make in regards to furnishings as a homeowner. Therefore, it is wise to protect your investment by hiring professional Dry Cleaners for periodic cleaning. Attempting to clean them yourself can be tempting to save money, but the reality is that you are putting yourself at risk that irreversible damage can be done to the sensitive fabrics and materials that maintain the shape and ability to shield light and UV rays. If you compare Dry Cleaning fees a few times per year over the seasons vs. the cost of new curtains and drapes for your household per year, the comparison is not even close. Clearly a wise investment for any savvy homeowner that wishes to protect their investment long term.

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