The Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Your Laundry And Home Furnishings During The Pandemic

Published On: 23 July 2021Categories: News

With around eighteen months of revolving lockdowns and living with the implications of the global pandemic, we are all more than aware of the novel Coronavirus and the effect it has had on our day to day lives.

Here at Master Dry Cleaners, along with Dry Cleaning and laundry services all over the country, we have been listed by relevant state and territory Governments as an essential service. 

With the latest and unfortunate re-emergence of lockdowns on the East Coast of Australia in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, we decided that for this blog, it is time to revisit the benefits of using Dry Cleaning as an essential service during these challenging times.


Hygienically Clean and Sanitise Your Clothes And Home Furnishings

Bacteria and viruses can be killed using a combination of heat and biochemical treatments. Dry Cleaning as a service, uses both of these methods in daily practice to get the best cleaning results for your garments and home furnishings. Good hand hygiene and social distancing are now staples in our daily routine, but it can often be overlooked that the clothes you are wearing and the furnishings in your home are encountering the same bacteria and viruses as you are on a daily basis. 

With this in mind, regular Dry Cleaning at your closest Location ensures you great peace of mind that in current times, the clothes you wear are as hygienic as possible when you get dressed in the morning. 


More Time At Home 

For many of us, working from home is a new normal that may not go away even after post pandemic life returns. Whilst the convenience and ease of working from home is certainly easy to identify, there are a few negative side effects. One of them is simple yet often overlooked. Working five days a week from home plus your weekends in the same apartment, house or unit means considerably more usage of all household linen, rugs and furnishings. 

Initially this may not seem like much, but on those five days a week where previosuly, the air conditioning or heating would not be running, or you would not be pacing up and down the living room rug on phone calls all day, makes a huge difference to the dust mites, bacteria and allergens that can amass in your household linen and furnishings. Rugs, draps, curtains, couches, throws and more will all feel extra use with you working from home. 

Your office or workplace would be cleaned on a daily basis, yet your home and home office? It is clear to see that investing in periodic cleaning of household linen and furnishings is more than justifiable in relation to how much extra time we are all spending at home in 2021.


Dry Cleaners Are Small Businesses

We are all aware that small businesses in Australia are doing it tough since the pandemic hit. The vast majority of Dry Cleaners are small businesses and therefore, combining the number of health and wellbeing benefits outlined above with the fact that you will be supporting small business is a great combination for both your family and the economy as a whole. 

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can assist you during COVID-19, especially our contactless FREE pick up and Delivery service around a large radius of our 7 Greater Melbourne locations then click HERE

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