The Benefits Of Polishing Leather Shoes

Published On: 1 April 2022Categories: News

Whether you are putting on shoes for a formal occasion such as a wedding or function, through to a day at the office or business venture, nothing finishes off your look with more punch than your shoes!

The same can be said for scuffed and faded shoes, they have the absolute power to bring down your appearance.

It is said that “Good shoes take you to good places”.

The average person will spend up to several hundred dollars on a high end pair of leather shoes to complete their favourite formal or business wear outfit. With such a high investment comes a responsibility to protect your shoes life span and ensure they are able to literally carry you (comfortably of course) for a long time.

So how do you protect the integrity and appearance of your leather shoes long term? 

Sometimes leather shoes can need repairs and alterations to protect your shoes life span long term, but this can also be combined with home leather shoe polishing techniques like the one outlined below. 

We will explain the cleaning techniques and benefits of shining and polishing shoes.

How to Polish Leather Shoes

There are several steps to polishing your shoes, the first being preparation which includes removing the laces and stuffing the shoes with old socks or newspaper to ensure a firm surface to work on is created.

Once prepped, gently clean and remove all dust, dirt and debris from the shoe. This inspection is critical as you do not want to contaminate your polish with a layer of dust or dirt underneath. 

Once your shoes are completely dry, it’s time for a shoe cleaner or conditioner of your choice. Apply with a suitable cloth and take your time to ensure maximum absorption by the leather. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for drying time. 

Now you’re on the home stretch! 

Gently buff the lather with a brush and you are good to go. 

The benefits of this routine cleaning schedule range from replenishing the shine of your shoes, the strength, integrity and structure of the leather and finally, ensuring you make an impression when you walk into the room!  

Master Dry Cleaners also offer shoe repairs should you need any work done to the heels or soles of your leather shoes to match the immaculate appearance of your shoes from your routine home polishing outlined above. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Professional Dry Cleaning services, click HERE and contact us today for more information on our 7 Greater Melbourne Dry Cleaning locations. 


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