The Uber of Dry Cleaning

Published On: February 9, 2017Categories: News

Have you heard of ‘Uber Pets’? It’s a new business where people bring pets to your home or office to be patted…. No, I’m not making it up. Five years ago, nobody in Australia had heard of Uber. Now it’s just what we do. We think the same thing will happen for Dry Cleaning pick-up and delivery to your home.

When people first hear of this service, the first reaction is to raise their eyebrows and ask ‘Why?’

There are countless reasons why it makes good sense – maybe even more sense than Uber. (Whoops, I might get in trouble for saying that.) Here goes:


No more parking, queuing and waiting in the dry cleaning store. Your garments are collected from the front of your home every Monday morning and returned cleaned and pressed on Thursday. We’re all under time pressures – why not have more time to live your life!


No more travel costs to and from the dry cleaner.

And the kicker is – it’s no more expensive than taking your clothes into the dry cleaner yourself. In some cases, it’s cheaper!

Great for the environment

Let’s say on average a person travels 7 minutes to the dry cleaner and 7 minutes back every week in their car. That’s an average of 4.6 kg of greenhouse gas emitted into the environment for each round trip. Over the year (48 weeks – we’ll give you 4 weeks off), this equates to 221 kg of greenhouse gas emitted. The same household using a to your door pick-up and delivery service would only result in 95 kg of greenhouse gas emissions for the year, saving 126 kg of greenhouse gas emission.

What’s not to like? Be part of the revolution.

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