Wedding Dress Preservation – What Is It And How Is It Done?

Published On: 10 May 2017Categories: Useful Tips

Effective wedding dress preservation involves two main aspects: cleaning and packaging.

As soon as possible after the wedding day the dress should be cleaned thoroughly. As you will likely be going on honeymoon immediately after the wedding, you may wish to have a trusted friend or relative take care of this for you.

Exact techniques and chemicals employed to clean your wedding dress will depend on the materials it is made from. However, it is essential that cleaning is undertaken in a timely fashion as stains, whether from make-up, mud, body oils, or food and drink, are much easier to remove the fresher they are.

If you take your dress to a local cleaner be sure to ask if they have the required skills to take care of your dress, from cleaning to packaging for storage.

Though most local cleaners will happily tell you they can take care of your dress, best results will likely be found when seeking out the services of a specialist in wedding dress preservation.

Whether you go down the route of employing a local cleaner, a wedding dress preservation specialist, or undertake the task yourself with a preservation kit, if the processes are followed correctly the beauty of your wedding dress will be preserved for many years to come.

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