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The Seven Stages of Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

The key to a long-lasting wedding gown is opting for a high-quality cleaning and preservation treatment by experienced industry experts. On that note, allow us to walk you through our trademark seven stages of wedding dress garment care.

Step One: Detailing

Prior to beginning the cleaning process, all gowns are carefully inspected by a member of our team. A report is completed in order to determine what fabrics any given dress is made of, as well as how it is constructed.
Photographs of the dress can be taken, so that at the conclusion of the cleaning and preservation process, we can confirm that every detail is still intact.

Step Two: Stain Removal

The ideal treatment to lift a mark or stain is always selected by a certified and experience professional. Delicate brushes are used to target the areas that are soiled, included hem lines and underarms. A steam gun may then be used to thoroughly cleanse the area without damaging the dress, before very gently “feathering out” the area with air.

Step Three: Cleaning

Each Gown is cleaned separately, and according to cleaning instruction on the care labels.We have many option in which to clean our gowns, Dry Cleaning, in either PERC or HYDROCARBON solvents, or using our expert wet cleaning methods.

Step Four: Minor Repairs

Loose hems, buttons and trims and other garment woes will be attended to. If any ornamentation or decoration was removed and cleaned separately, it will be re-attached by our trained specialists at this step, using the photographs taken during detailing to ensure every detail is perfect when a dress arrives home.

Step Five: Hand-Finishing

Using professional finishing equipment and pressers our expert technicians individually finish the fabric of a gown.

Step Six: Inspection

All gowns are carefully, thoroughly and formally inspected in exacting detail by our experienced staff before they are returned to a client. Photos may be taken at this time and the report completed.

Step Seven: Packaging
When boxing, all gowns are carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue (to prevent yellowing or damaging over time), and the gown will then be placed in our rnage of deluxe wedding gown chests.

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