Werribee Store still open!

Published On: 26 March 2020Categories: News

Master Dry Cleaners, located at 25 Watton St, Werribee is remianing open for business trading at normal opening hours.
Whilst our community continues to adapt to the every changing landscape, we are trying out best to provide laundry and dry cleaning services to our customers and the community at large.



Laundry and Dry Cleaning can kill germs and bacteria.

Although we have no definitive research on how long or even whether the virus lives on clothes and textiles, however according to our chemical suppliers, all bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, are destroyed in both of our dry cleaning and wet cleaning processes.


This is due to the disinfectant levels in our washing, the dry cleaning solvents that we use and our drying temperatures that are between 40 – 60 degree Celsius, which will not allow micro-organisms to survive. Please let us know if you are concerned or if there is any way we can help.


During these times we have decided to provide a FREE Pick up and Delivery service to our customers, for order over $40.00
We will provide this service on a Tuesday / Friday schedule
eg. Pick up Friday, return on Tuesday and vice-versa.
This service will be on-demand only, and we ask that you email david@hudsongroup.com,au, call us on 9741 5221 or book through our website at the below link


request a pick up


We offer many services to help keep your home and family clean and safe during these times, including:



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request a pick up


We thank you for your on going support of our local family owned business. It is tough times for all, and we wish everyone good luck and good health.




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