Dry Cleaning For Your New Year

Published On: 6 January 2022Categories: News

In many cultures around the world, the New Year is kick started with an annual deep cleaning of the home, that represents starting the year with a clean slate and with the best intentions for the year ahead. 

By taking this tradition into consideration, in this blog we are going to explore the best suited Dry Cleaning services you can consider investing in to help kickstart your New Year.

1 – Wash And Fold Laundry 

The holiday schedule between Christmas and New Year can be hectic at best, with a complete disruption to your regular routine. This can lead to a mammoth laundry pile of unwashed clothes both formal wear and your regular wardrobe, along with all of the new clothes you will have received as gifts which you should consider cleaning before you wear them

Our Wash And Fold Laundry service will help you hit the ground running this New Year with a freshly washed and folded wardrobe. Better yet, take advantage of Free Pick Up and Delivery to make the service even more convenient.

2 – Repairs and Alterations 

With a Christmas Tree full of gifts that tend to be clothing from best intentioned close family and friends, the unfortunate by-product of their good gestures can be incorrect sizing. Our expert tailors can amend and fix any sizing issues from the gifts of your family (that you do not wish to return for store credit.)

3 – Formal Wear

The Christmas and New Year social calendar is often packed with work break ups, Christmas and New Year’s functions and the odd birthday and anniversary thrown in for good measure. This can leave your Dry Clean only formal wear feeling abused, neglected and smelling like Christmas dinner or a bottle of new years champagne with no planned clean in sight. Our formal wear cleaning service can professionally restore and clean your precious formal wear garments prior to returning them to your closet ready for your next function.

4 – Household Linen

The holidays mean… guests in your home! This adds an extra work load for your rugs, bed spreads, blankets, cushions / couch covers and more! Our Household Linen Dry Cleaning services ensure a safe and hygienic clean to kickstart the New Year for your high traffic furnishings during the holiday season. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Laundry and Dry Cleaning services, click HERE and contact us today for more information on our 7 Greater Melbourne Dry Cleaning locations. 


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